CoolCold Ice Troll V Laptop Cooler

CoolCold Ice Troll V Notebook Cooler – $14.34

If you’re having heating issues with your Notebook, or just need a way to keep it cooler during that intense game play, then this CoolCold Ice Troll V might be for you. First of all, this works a little bit different then the cooling pads we normally see. Instead of blowing air up through your notebook, this one actually attaches to the side air holes and pulls the hot air right out through it. In addition this CoolCold Ice Troll V notebook cooler packs in some other nifty features like an intelligent temperature control. As well as a small screen to give you some quick info. Furthermore there’s 2 versions available, one of them is USB powered and the other plugs into an empty outlet.

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  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Fan size: 75*75*25mm
  • External power supply, input: 100~240V, output: 9V 1A
  • Maximum air flow: 75.35CFM
  • RPM:
    – 900-3500 + 10% rpm (strong wind version)
    – 1200-4500 + 10% rpm (storm wind version)
  • Rated current: 0.4 + 10% A
  • Input power: 2W
  • Suitable for game notebooks

CoolCold Ice Troll V Notebook Cooler – $14.34

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