Samsung SmartThings Hub 2.0

Samsung SmartThings Hub 2.0 – $49.99

Have you ever wished you had an easy way consolidate all of the smart devices around your home into one easy to use app? Well the new Samsung SmartThings Hub 2.0 makes it possible. First of all this is so easy to setup and use that anyone can do it. That’s because all you have to do is plug it into your router, then connect all your devices to it and you’re good to go. In addition it makes use of replaceable batteries so if there happens to be a power outage, your Samsung SmartThings Hub will keep on going. Furthermore it supports smart devices from all kinds of manufacturers, which is great. There’s even a more powerful processor and a local app engine making this one a lot faster than the original!

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  • The hub connects all of the different smart devices around your home so you can remotely control your home’s security, energy usage, Lighting, and more
  • Power: In-wall power adapter with about 10 hours of backup power from 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Connects to your internet router via the included Ethernet cable.
  • The hub has a zigbee, z-wave, and Bluetooth radio and also supports selected IP-accessible devices.
  • Replaceable batteries provide backup power that keeps the hub operating locally for about two hours if there’s a power outage.
  • A more powerful processor and local app engine means faster performance and enabled offline processing.
  • Use with free Samsung SmartThings app for Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Easy to install

Samsung SmartThings Hub 2.0 – $49.99

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To see more of the Samsung SmartThings Hub, check out this unboxing and overview by TheTechnoMack:

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