Doctor Who Tardis USB Hub (4-Port)

TARDIS USB Hub (4-Port USB 2.0) – $26.99

First of all, being a huge Doctor Who fan I just had to grab myself this TARDIS USB Hub because it’s pretty awesome! I mean, who wouldn’t want this? It has the flashing lantern on the roof, as well as some pretty neat time traveling sound effects that make it a joy to use. However you can always just switch the sound effects off when you need some quiet time. Furthermore there are 4 USB 2.0 ports on this TARDIS USB Hub for maximum compatibility with all your devices. In addition there’s no software required to install to use it as it’s just plug-and-play. As a result that makes it super easy to use and more than worth grabbing one!

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  • The official Doctor Who TARDIS USB 2.0 Hub
  • A flashing lantern on the TARDIS roof
  • A time-traveling sound effect
  • Sound effects are controlled via an on/off switch
  • The light and sound effects are triggered when a USB device is plugged into the port
  • No software required
  • Compatible with both PCs and Mac

Doctor Who Tardis USB Hub (4-Port) – $26.99

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