Xiaomi Mi QiCycle Folding Electric Bicycle

Xiaomi Mi QiCycle Folding Electric Bicycle – $615.02

Up until recently we saw Xiaomi as a smartphone manufacturer, but they’re actually come out with all kinds of great consumer gadgets too. Like this sweet new Xiaomi Mi QiCycle smart folding electric bicycle. This is more than just an electric bike, it has all kinds of cool features that make it stand out from the rest. It has a trip computer that lets you see a ton of details about your ride at a quick glance. Things like your speed, power level, and more.

During those tough moments the motor in this Xiaomi Mi QiCycle makes it super easy for you. It can provide assistance to get you over that tough terrain, or even do most of the grunt work for you. Battery power shouldn’t be an issue with this Xiaomi Mi QiCycle as it has a pretty decent sized battery pack with a total capacity of 208.8Wh. The best art is that you can charge it up in just about 3 hours, which is great. When you’re done with your Xiaomi Mi QiCycle folding smart electric bike as the name suggests, fold it. You can fold it up to tuck it away for easy storage when you’re not using it!

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Features & Specifications:

  • Authentic Xiaomi product
  • Powered by 18650 lithium-ion battery pack with the total capacity of 208.8Wh, which means the cycling distance can be up to 45km at the condition of 100pct electric power.
  • The smart folding bike comes with a trip computer, so you can directly view the mileage, speed, power and other data without a mobile phone. The built-in space can store 30 days of riding data. Furthermore, this data can be exported at any time.
  • 250W high-speed brushless motor: Compared to an ordinary motor, 250W high-speed brushless motor features small magnetic resistance, faster acceleration, lighter weight, easier mountain biking.
  • Four different power modes: Fitness mode, Economic mode, Balanced Mode, Enhanced mode
  • Equipped with a three-mode derailleur, which makes it effortless to ride even without power.
  • Equipped with TMM torque sensor and professional electric boosting system. The smart bike can automatically sense your tread power, and output the appropriate electrical power to assist cycling.
  • Longitudinal folding design, easy to operate and no harm to the bike frame.
  • Aluminum alloy frame, lightweight and exquisite.

Xiaomi Mi QiCycle Folding Electric Bicycle – $615.02

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